Selection Criteria for US Military Marchers


Number of Start Tickets

The US Contingency has been awarded 420 march slots for 2019.  It is the intention of the US Contingency to accommodate as many marchers as possible, however if in 2019 there are more interested registrants than starts available, the US Contingency will have to make the hard decision on which marchers can not be accommodated.

Individual Marchers with Previous Participation

As is the case with all countries participating, marchers with previous march completion (Individual or Detachment) will be given the highest registration priority.  On that basis, previous marchers should consider their registration automatic contingent upon final payment.  To register fill in the form on the Individual Registration Page.

Individual Marchers First Participation

For individual marchers registering to march for the first time. All registrations will be accepted and filed in the order they are received as per email date stamp.  First time marchers wishing to participate will be accepted on a "First come, first serve basis."  It is therefore important to register ASAP on the Individual Registration Page to be higher on the list.


To register, the detachment must first file the detachment using the Detachment Registration Page to submit the team.  Then the Detachment needs to submit the entire team using the registration spreadsheet at their earliest convenience.  

Detachments are prioritized into three groupings for the selection process.

1. Detachment has previously participated in march

2. Detachment has not previously participated, however the Detachment leader and some team members have previously marched at Nijmegen

3. Detachment has not previously participated and no team members have previously marched at Nijmegen

Please note: First time detachments will be accepted based upon date stamp of their registration. First come / First Served.

Two Step Process -- Register then Pay

The protocol for registering for the Nijmegen march with the US Contingency is simple.  

First, register via this website as intended participant. 

Second, when you receive an invitation to pay for your slot, do it and then your registration will be complete

Marchers, support staff and medics are not considered to have completed registration until final payment has been requested and received. If you are reading this page then you may already begin the process. Payments will be processed early spring 2019.

Payment Considerations

Payments were a timeline issue in 2018 that we wish to avoid in 2019.  The US Contingency is bound by the rules and regulations of the 4Daagse board and administration.  As a result, the US Contingency wishes to strongly affirm that not meeting registration and payment deadlines may result in non-completion of the registration process.  Deadlines apply to all;  those marching, volunteer support staff, administrative support staff and medical support staff.  

The US Contingency will post Deadlines as the actual dates become available.

Costs for 2019


2019 Expectations

Costs for 2019 have been established as €380 combined for the march and camp fees.

The camp fees are listed on the additional item page, however these costs must be included for all military participants in 2019.

Extra Costs

Not included in registration fees are patches, ribbons, tee-shirts and the march certificate.


Similar to previous years, the U.S. delegation expects to process payments again in 2019 using the Eventbrite website in early spring 2019.

Financial Support & Donations

We really need your help!  Every dollar or euro donated will be used to reduce costs.  If you find this website was helpful please consider donating a few to assist lowering marcher costs.

Support Marchers