US Delegation March Rules


US - Official Military Delegation

The US is one of the ten Official Military Delegations.  The other official delegations are Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, Germany, the UK, Sweden and Switzerland along with the host nation of the Netherlands.

Rules and Regulations

The US military delegation respects and follows the rules of the host nation.  Kamp Heumensoord is a Royal Netherlands Military installation where the US Delegation participates respectfully as guests. All U.S. participants should also respect the cultures of other nations participating on the camp.

Registration is open to all branches of  service  Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy. Members must have official ID showing active, reserve/guard, retired or ROTC status.  Uniformed participants must be at least 18 years of age to lodge on the camp.

Uniform Requirements

All US military marchers are required to be in authorized uniform dependent upon the branch and unit regulations.  Military marchers are also required to wear headgear when entering any town during the march. Outside of town/city limits marchers are permitted to stow headgear. There are generally no uniform exceptions allowed for US military. In the event a marcher is given medical permission by military medic/doctor to deviate from standard uniform requirements this will be allowed.  Example would be a boot/shoe change due to medical reasons.

All members of a Detachment should be prepared to march in the same uniforms and head gear. This is especially required during the "Defile or Via Gladiola" on the final day coming into Nijmegen.  There is a large reviewing stand with Generals, Ambassadors and possibly even the King of the Netherlands.

Military Weight Requirements

US Military marchers participating from Kamp Heumensoord  have specific weight requirements rules. Sand and weigh scales are available on camp for the purpose of preparation and control.  During the march, inspectors along the route may weigh the marchers ruck to determine that weight requirement are being met.  

Rucks worn must meet U.S. military uniform standards.  If it isn't authorized, you can't use it during the march.


Males 49 Years old and younger -- 10kg

Males who turn 50 any time during 2019 or are older -- No weight requirement

Females all ages -- No weight requirement

Detachment or Individual Marcher

Marchers may chose to participate either in a Detachment or as Individual Military marcher.  Regardless of choice, the routes marched as well as the medal and certificate remain the same.  Both choices have advantages and disadvantages. 

Detachment Marcher

Detachments must start on the first day with a minimum of 11 marchers and a maximum of 41 marchers.  11 Marchers must be present at the start on the first day (Tuesday). The detachment may finish with less than the 11 marchers at the completion of the march, however only those detachment members completing the march will receive the award medal.  Detachments are expected to march in similar uniform and march together as a unit.  The detachment must process through each checkpoint, including starting and finish points as a complete unit.  Detachment marchers may not change status to individual after the registration process has been finalized.

Individual Marcher

Individuals march alone un-attached to any unit.  Individuals marchers follow the same route and have the same access to all military venues that detachments access. To be eligible the marcher must become 26 or older during the year of the march.  The only difference between a Individual marcher and a Detachment marcher is the Individual is 100% responsible for his/her participation and may chose whom they march with, pace and when they take breaks.

Start and Finish Times

In the past several US detachments have had difficulty managing start and finish times.  This section summarizes the rules.

All individuals and Detachments MUST start on their designated time slots.  Don't forget to scan in each day before starting as required.

Individuals are scheduled to start at 0430 days 1,2,3 and at 0330 on day 4.

Detachments are scheduled on a rotating basis with a different start time each day between 0435 and 0530 days 1 through 3 and an hour earlier on day 4.

Finish times are firmly established as 1700 each day unless otherwise changed due to weather considerations. Any individual or detachment marcher not scanned at the finish by that time will be eliminated from the march without exception.  If a detachment has a marcher encountering difficulties the detachment leader will need to decide what is best for the team.  Waiting for an injured marcher in medical care may be honorable but also may result in eliminating the team if you don't get to the line by the prescribed time.