Items you can order with your registration

US Armed Forces Patch


The 2019 patch will be similar to the highly popular 2018 version that was on demand from both Americans and other nations trading patches.

We plan to incorporate a few updates to the uniform ready patch for 2019. Price will be €4.00 during the registration process.  You can pre-order as many as you want. We also plan to have a limited quantity available at the US Admin hut on Kamp Heumensoord at €5.00 per patch subject to availability.  But if you want to have the patches pre-ordering is your best option.

Nijmegen Holland 4 Day Cross Ribbon


This hard to find "Nijmegen Holland 4 day Cross ribbon" will be available for order when registering. Price will be €3.00 each during the registration period and €5.00 each on Kamp Heumensoord at the US Admin hut during the march. 

US Contingency Tee-Shirt


Not our tee-shirt!

We're in the process of getting quotes for U.S. Contingency branded tee-shirts.

Our goal is to have tee-shirts available at around €10.00 each if pre ordered during the registration period,  All sizes will be available including both women's and men's models.  We expect to have a limited amount available for around €13.00 on Kamp Heumensoord during the march.

Partnerships available