Covid-19 forces us Military to suspend registration process





It is a difficult to decide the correct course of action. We can not predict where military needs will be in the coming months and how this could impact our delegation.

The US Contingency has been in close contact with a variety of military and government agencies in monitoring the situation since the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. 

What we do know.

The Dutch Government has cancelled all events in the Netherlands that require licensing through June 1st. 

Groups of more than three (3) persons are prohibited until further notice.  Social distancing and the march are an impossible mix with over 2 million people visiting Nijmegen during the march.

The Dutch Military (MoD) will decide before May 1st whether to build the camp. Many think the chance is below 10% given the gravity of the situation





Four considerations.

1. Military order against travel. Military members have been ordered not to cross EU borders.  What will the status be come July?

2. Medical needs.  Marchers require support and EUCOM has been working with us to provide support.  Given the Covid-19 situation it is impossible to predict the level of stress upon medical staff or availability come July.

3. Marcher preparation. Social Distancing rules differ for each country.  It may be impossible to properly prepare for the march while following national rules. 

4. March registration rules require each contingency to pay registrations fees for all expected marchers filed by 31 March.  This would require us to collect €100 from each registrant regardless of whether the march takes place or not. Given the Covid-19 situation we have decided our smartest option is not to invoice registrants for an event that has a limited chance of taking place.

Based on these considerations we believe the prudent decision is to suspend our participation for the 2020 march.

--This was by far the greatest organized event that I have participated in. From basic support provided to local support it was simply amazing.

--The entire experience was simply amazing and well worth every penny spent on making it happen.  I have already informed my Chain of Command that I will be taking leave next year to participate in the 2019 march.

--The March is just amazing, the people you meet, the bonds you form with people from other states, countries etc.... its a must do at least once.

--The esprit de corps surrounding the entire event was amazing. Bonding with our teammates and other nations was an unforgettable experience. 

--One of the coolest multi national events I will ever take part in/witness in my life. The people of Nijmegen, Netherlands are amazing!

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