Nijmegen 4 day march 2019
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--This was by far the greatest organized event that I have participated in. From basic support provided to local support it was simply amazing.

--The entire experience was simply amazing and well worth every penny spent on making it happen.  I have already informed my Chain of Command that I will be taking leave next year to participate in the 2019 march.

--The March is just amazing, the people you meet, the bonds you form with people from other states, countries etc.... its a must do at least once.

--The esprit de corps surrounding the entire event was amazing. Bonding with our teammates and other nations was an unforgettable experience. 

--One of the coolest multi national events I will ever take part in/witness in my life. The people of Nijmegen, Netherlands are amazing!

too late! Registrations officially closed on 23 March!

US Military Detachments


The US Delegation wants US Military Detachments to represent our nation and successfully complete the 100 mile march as a team.

We strongly recommend military organizations approve PTDY for marchers and include a single Admin/Orderly to accompany your team.

Contact us if your CO or 1st SGT needs more information or wishes to be updated on the benefits of joining the march.

2019 US military detachment registration

Individual US Military Marchers


The US Delegation wants strong, experienced, Individual Military Marchers who can represent our nation well and can complete the 4 day march successfully. 

We strongly recommend duty organizations support and approve PTDY Status for Individual Marchers participating in the march.

Contact us if you need more information or assistance with joining the march.

2019 individual military registration

Reduce Uniformed American Military marchers costs with a donation

100% of donations will be applied toward 2019 marcher fees.  Ask your family, friends, business, or unit to help support U.S. Military marchers.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card